Monday, May 11, 2015

Even Karl Rove Capitulates; Leaves Republican Governors -- In Texas And Florida -- On The Wrong Side Of History

Both Governors -- Scott and Perry Abbott (like it even matters?!) -- are poised to again deny basic, 95 per cent free-to-the-state health care coverage -- to their millions of impoverished, uninsured citizens. They look increasingly like Gov. Wallace, in Alabama, in 1963, isolated on the wrong side of history. [That's an early 2013 era legacy graphic of mine at right, on the issue, by the way.]

The smart, often sassy Bruce Japsen, on it all -- writing for Forbes, this morning:

. . . .But neither King v. Burwell nor Rove’s plea, also outlined in the Wall Street Journal, takes into consideration increasing GOP support for expanded Medicaid coverage gaining popularity among millions of Americans. Although Medicaid expansion ideas vary, more Republican leaders in states are embracing the idea than two years ago and the popularity can be seen in health plan enrollment reports for the first quarter. . . .

Once the Obama administration signs off on the Montana Medicaid expansion, it will join 28 states plus the District of Columbia that have expanded Medicaid. This year, Indiana’s Medicaid expansion began Feb. 1 under a Republican governor and legislature and Pennsylvania’s began Jan. 1 following approval from a Republican governor before he left office last year. Last year, Iowa, which also has a Republican governor, expanded Medicaid. . . .

The "repeal obamacare" chant is now firmly, and without question, a flat earth stance. Onward.

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