Monday, May 4, 2015

Ed's 2011 Story Still Has Legs -- More, On "Murcky" Merck Naming Origins

Today, that fine gent Ed Silverman once again took his readers on a tour through "the Facebook car-jacking" of 2011.

And many a MSM outlet took notice -- once again. Here is BrandChannel on it (as just one example):

. . . .Germany-based Merck KGaA, a pharmaceuticals and chemicals group, needs to be more assertive in its ownership of the brand everywhere outside North America in the view of CEO Karl-Ludwig Kley, as reported by the Financial Times. But US-based Merck & Co. told the FT that it is committed to "resolving issues through communication and cooperation without the need to resort to litigation. . . ."

This is a fun and fascinating narrative. And if memory serves, the top-level domain administrators have not issued a definitive ruling. As of this moment, the Merck web site you see depends entirely on the geo-location of your computer's point of access. Or so I am told. As ever, we will keep an eye out for developments, here. Onward.

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