Friday, February 20, 2015

Zwerko Guilty Plea Entered In Manhattan -- Along With Plea Agreement

Just to close this one out -- on May 15 the judge will enter his formal final sentence.

The involved statutes would allow a sentence of five to twenty. He is likely to be sentenced to three to four. So it ends -- with a whimper -- not a bang. From the online papers, then:

. . . .Zachary Zwerko pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to conspiring to commit securities fraud and three securities fraud counts. A plea agreement recommended a three to four-year prison sentence.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Masella said the 32-year-old Cambridge, Massachusetts, resident passed along secrets that earned $722,000 in illegal profits. . . .

A more material new post -- in mere moments. . . onward we go.

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