Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maybe A (NJ State Court) Femur Settlement Afoot? Compelled Status Hearing -- In a Week -- In Federal Fosamax® Femur Case MDL?

UPDATED: As of the close of business today (6 p.m. Eastern), one of the plaintiffs' steering committee counsels has already written the court to say that at least one of those lawyers is unavailable on the date ordered. Both sides are conferring and looking for alternate dates. But that bit confirms that this is irregular. We will keep an eye on the docket. [End, Updated Portion.]

It is rather unusual -- for all the lawyers to be summoned in, on only one week's notice -- in a nationwide MDL, like this -- for a live status conference, and by name, to boot.

Not sure what may have happened. . . but I will try to find out. Perhaps something has happened in the parallel state court proceedings -- those aren't easy to obtain, online. In any event, this order was entered by the very able Judge Pisano, just yesterday:

. . . .In-Person Status Conference has been set for 1/21/2015 at 11:00 AM in Trenton - Courtroom 1 before Judge Joel A. Pisano. The following representatives are to be present: Plaintiffs Steering Committee (Cecchi, Weitz, & Seeger), and Merck's counsel (Marshall). Please confirm receipt of court notice by (e-file) not later than 1/14/2015. . . .

Do stay tuned. Onward, on a chilly morning.

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