Thursday, December 18, 2014

Privately-Held Swiss Clinical Development Stage Oncology Company, OncoEthix, Purchased By Merck (For Up To $375 Million)

OncoEthix SA was funded (in part) by Index Ventures and endeavourvision, initially, and then SV Life Sciences and Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, in a July 2013 Series B round. It is a clinical stage biotechnology company. OncoEthix was formed in 2007 to develop a portfolio of several promising new drug candidates for cancer, primarily aimed at treating solid tumors. Now it belongs to Whitehouse Station. There will be no antitrust hiccups. That's a certainty.

From the Wall Street Journal, then -- a bit:

. . . .The deal includes an upfront payment of $110 million, and OncoEthix is eligible for additional milestone payments of up to $265 million, contingent upon clinical and regulatory approval.

Through the acquisition, Merck gains OTX015, a BET (bromodomain) inhibitor that is currently in Phase 1b studies for the treatment of advanced solid tumors. . . .

Clearly immaterial to Merck, but a good deal, nonetheless. It's a VERY nice payday for the venture investors named above, as well. Onward!

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