Monday, October 13, 2014

Jefferies & Co. Drops Merck's 12 Month Target To $60 -- From $62

Here is the SeekMoney investment wire update -- the firm still has a "Hold" on Merck -- but the 12 month price target is down.

This latest move, by a firm that has followed Merck for ages (it would seem) -- really makes newcomer Deutsche Bank (and newcomer Guggenheim) look like a pair of outliers -- at $65. Oh. Right. Deutsche got something like $15 million of fees and swap transactions payments from the euro debt underwriting at Merck, as recently as last week.

. . . .down, from $62 to $60. . .

So it goes. It was ever thus, at Wall and Broad. Slow news weeks for Whitehouse Station. Disclaimer: I do believe both Guggenheim and Deutsche Bank are complying with SEC Reg AC, here. As (obviously) is Jefferies & Co. Onward.

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