Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Merck Q3 2014 Non-GAAP EPS Guestimate? $0.88-$0.89 Per Share

The broader narrative story-line, on Merck's transition from legacy patent-cliffed medicines, to a brighter immuno and biologic candidates' driven future -- all in a much leaner, more agile enterprise-wide package -- is expected to continue to unfold, tomorrow at 7:30 am EDT, on the scheduled earnings call and web-cast.

I'd look for currency effects in the 2.0 to 2.5 per cent headwind range (as the dollar continued to strengthen against the euro and Yen -- much as J&J saw in velocity of increasing headwinds, around ten days ago, now), and some sense of how the limited Keytruda® melanoma roll out is ramping, but other than that -- much the same as Q2 2014 results call -- is my guess. Consensus is for 88 cents; maybe a penny "beat" -- at 89 cents. We shall see. Here's a bit, from Forbes, as of Friday afternoon:

. . . .Merck is forecast to post third-quarter earnings of 88 cents a share [tomorrow before the NYSE opens]. . . .

Of course we will listen in, so you don't have to. And (natch'!) we will report any truly material new narrative story line, as it emerges. Now go enjoy your quiet morning, with your coffee and OJ and banana. . . and yogurt, as we do here, on the high mountains ranch. Smile.

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