Monday, September 22, 2014

Roger Pomerantz -- What's He Up To, These Days?

Tonight we update the readers -- on yet another Ex-Merckie. This time, it is Roger Pomerantz. He now serves as a senior partner at a venture fund called Flagship Ventures. In that role, he also acts as chairman, president and CEO of Seres Health, a company in which Flagship has a stake. We just learned that Dr. Pomerantz has also added the chairmanship of the scientific advisory board of privately-held Novira Therapeutics -- to his list of avocations, post-Whitehouse Station.

Here's the bit -- from local sources:

. . . .Novira Therapeutics Inc., Doylestown, a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for curative treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection, has named Roger J. Pomerantz chair of its scientific advisory board. In this role, he also will function as a senior adviser to the company. Pomerantz is president, chief executive officer, and chairman of Seres Health and was senior vice president and worldwide head of licensing and acquisitions at Merck & Co. Inc., where he oversaw all licensing and acquisitions at Merck Research Laboratories. . . .

So it goes -- he's a very talented guy.


Anonymous said...

Well, since you're on the topic of up-dating people on S/P people~~what of this:

condor said...

Those Forest guys -- ex S-P boys. . .

Are jerks -- to a person.


But their time is drawing to an end, nationwide.

As my new post indicates, insurers and the government are putting an end to the reimbursement for the worst of this nonsense. When no efficiacy improvement is made, no additional reimbursement will be allowed, from version switching. . . . eliminate the incentive, and the practice dies.

Namaste -- do stop back!