Sunday, September 21, 2014

No "Source Documents" For The Moment: Incretin Mimetics MDL -- In Federal Dist. Ct., Southern California

My apologies. I've been away -- for reasons. . . immaterial to the readership.

But I'm back. And while I was out last week, the very able Judge Anthony J. Battaglia, in the federal trial level courthouse, sitting in the Southern District of California, ruled that the so-called adverse event report "source documents" need not be disclosed to the plaintiffs, at this stage of the pleadings. Here is the most recent backgrounder we've written on it all. And, below is the salient portion of an order dated September 10, 2014-- filed a few days later.

. . . .Further, the Court finds Defendants’ responses are sufficient given the limited scope of discovery previously set by the Court, and in particular the over broad scope of Interrogatory 26. . . .

So it goes. A more fullsome backgrounder is here, from about a month ago.

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