Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Resetting IMPROVE-IT Countdown Clock At Left -- To 97 Days, From 109 Days!

Dr. Larry Husten has the scoop at Forbes -- IMPROVE-IT will be revealed on November 17, 2014.

Finally. So I was off by a few days (I was guessing December 2014); not bad though, on a six-year horizon. Here's a bit -- do go read it all:

. . . .Results of the eagerly-awaited and highly controversial IMPROVE-IT trial are finally going to be revealed. The American Heart Association has announced that the trial will be presented by Chris Cannon on November 17 at 11:51 AM (central time) in Chicago at the group’s annual scientific sessions . IMPROVE-IT compared the effect on cardiovascular outcomes of the statin simvastatin with Vytorin (the combination of simvastatin and ezetimibe, manufactured by Merck) in more than 18,000 patients with acute coronary syndromes. . . .

We will report on that -- yep, for certain I'll pop over there, for the live press conference -- on 11.17.2014. I was there the morning ENHANCE clanked, also in Chicago, on Sunday, March 30, 2008, too. I personally think this is likely to be the end of the line -- for this war horse.

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