Saturday, August 16, 2014

O/T 2: "Open Carry Texas" Schedules -- Then Abandons -- A Long Guns Fest/March, Into Largely Black Houston 5th Ward

I'll simply note that there can be no other reasonable construction of the motives behind this now cancelled event, than to intimidate people of color. Open Carry Texas is overwhelmingly white.

And when the New Black Panthers arrived at a sit down this past Thursday, to suggest that the OCT white guns. . . would be met with Black Panthers' long guns, in turn. . . on the streets of the Fifth Ward, come Saturday -- OCT cancelled their march, as of last night. Local Texas online press:

. . . .The controversial Open Carry Texas group has postponed their planned march through Houston’s Fifth Ward. The group planned to march through the historically African American neighborhood on Saturday, but many neighbors and the New Black Panther Movement said they were not welcome. . . .

Separately, while there was sporatic looting last night in Ferguson, in the main, calm prevailed. My take? We need a dialogue on de-militarizing the police -- nation wide. Have a peaceful weekend, one and all.

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