Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Narrow NuvaRing® MDL Litigation PSA -- Non-Settling Plaintiffs: August 1, 2014

We mentioned this day was coming, early last week. Now. . . it has arrived.

IF you have filed a lawsuit alleging injuries from Merck's NuvaRing® interuterine birth control delivery device, and your name (and case number) is DULCE GOMEZ MORIN (4:13 CV 2627), GABRIELA LOZA (4:14 CV 467), CATHERINE LOEHR (4:14 CV 466), KATHRYN REEVES (4:08 CV 2001), JENNIFER SPENCE (4:09 CV 325), TIFFANY SMART (4:09 CV 718), LAKESHA SIMONS (4:09 CV 1214), JOANN MERCHANT (4:09 CV 1484), AOIFE CONNOLLY (4:09 CV 1504), BRANDY TAYLOR (4:09 CV 1606), MELISSA PLASENCIA (4:10 CV 62), MELLISSA HJELMSTAD (4:10 CV 395), ELTRACIE SINCLAIR (4:10 CV 680), ELIZABETH DELANEY (4:10 CV 767), COURTNEY THOMAS-MALAGARIE (4:10 CV 984), KIM ROSS (4:10 CV 990), BETTY STENHOUSE (4:10 CV 998), JOLYNCIA HINES (4:10 CV 1285), DANIELLE BACOTE (4:10 CV 1292), SAMIEKA BABERS (4:10 CV 1469), PATRICIA GUADARRAMA (4:10 CV 1726), ELIZABETH ELEDGE (4:10 CV 2258), PORSHA BOYD (4:11 CV 32), LISA TRIBE (4:11 CV 36), CAROL-ANN LUNDY (4:11 CV 448), EMILY GIES (4:11 CV 1239), JENNIFER NEVILLE (4:11 CV 1992), ROSALIE RIVERA (4:11 CV 2074), CHRISTINA GAGE (4:11 CV 2144), RONALD and SANDRA WESTBROOK (4:11 CV 2146), JAMIE OAKLEY (4:12 CV 662), WHITNEY GAINES (4:12 CV 870), SHEILA FONTANEZ (4:12 CV 1682), FACHON HAZEL (4:13 CV 511), BRANDY COOK (4:13 CV 641), MELISSA JARVIS (4:13 CV 988), AMY WILTSEY (4:13 CV 1524), AMADO and ADELITA PEREZ (4:13 CV 1620), PAULA WEST (4:13 CV 1808), MARY SNORTON (4:13 CV 1812), MICHELLE GRAY (4:13 CV 1942), VANESSA MURRAY (4:13 CV 1967), CHRISTINA PAOLI (4:13 CV 1967), KRYSTLE TANNER (4:13 CV 1967), KELLY CAROLLO-WEBER (4:13 CV 2040), ANDREA HEEBSH (4:13 CV 2041), SHEA WALTER (4:13 CV 2095), STACY BORKHOLDER (4:13 CV 2593), TIANA SPENCER (4:13 CV 2604), RACHEL FALIS (4:14 CV 11), SHEILA PATRICK (4:14 CV 1224), SHARELL WILSON (4:14 CV 127), REBECCA WATKINS (4:14 CV 532), KRISTINA KESTERSON (4:14 CV 218), SAMANTHA VINES (4:14 CV 326), TASHA ZACHODNI (4:14 CV 339), TRACY WELLS (4:14 CV 368), AMY STINNETT (4:14 CV 414), ERICA PATEL (4:14 CV 513), BARBARA LEE (4:14 CV 520) LACY JENSEN (4:14 CV 620), WHITNEY PURVIS (4:14 CV 638) or CATALINA CASTRO (4:14 CV 1329). . .

Please contact your lawyer. Since you have elected to reject the $100 million settlement, the deadlines on your individual cases began to run again, as of yesterday morning. Prompt action may well be needed to preserve your rights, here.

For all the thousands of others, you should start to see payments in the fourth quarter of 2014, or perhaps a little earlier. I suppose since the above list purports to be all the claimants who opted out, and that is a small number (50-something or so) -- compared to the more than 95 per cent of the class that did decide to participate. . . the settlement qualifies as a resounding success.

Now, go out and enjoy the summer -- have an adventure! Do go see "Get On Up!" -- the music will move you!


Anonymous said...

You are missing some of the names. The majority of those who acceped Merck's offer were told by their attorneys that if they didn't accept the offer, the attorney (or law firm) would ask the court to be removed as the attorney of record. People did not generally accept the offer willingly, but could find no other attorney to represent them. Merck may think they have won, but as I see it, Merck failed thousands of women and many more who will continue to be harmed by the product.

Anonymous said...

I never opted out of anything. The firm opted me out when they sent my notification to the wrong address then refused to fix it afterwards. My name is on this list.

condor said...

I am truly sorry to hear that, Anon.

What did your lawyers say they would do about it?

If you don’t mind saying...

Anonymous said...

When I contacted them they said they sent my acceptance letter to the wrong address and opted me out then gave me the run around between 3 different law firms in 3 completely different states. Considering that there were 3 firms involved from 3 different states, I couldn't even find an attorney to take the case against them because an attorney would have to be licensed in all 3 states to challenge it. Think about this: with 50 people opting out of 50 grand each, that's 2.5 million dollars they kept. I was literally living at my original address and they sent my letter to a temporary address. They found all my medical records from years before but couldn't find me at my original address. I'm sure the statute of limitations is expired by now and the nuva ring literally led to my sterilization because I couldn't be treated with any hormone therapy after my PE from the nuva ring. Plus, the lawyers screwed me out of my settlement. If anyone knows of anything that can be done, please let me know.

condor said...

I hear you. And on an anonymous basis, I cannot represent you, formally.

But if Trent Miracle in Illinois, and/or Ted Lazlo in Boulder, Colorado are among the three lawyers/law firms... I can give either of both a call. I know both to be ethical, capable and forthright lawyers. We should be able to work it out.

And as it happens, I have affiliations in both Colorado and Illinois.

If you are interested, say so here — and I will explain how we can conduct private, secure communications, off-site.

All of that said, if you provided a temporary address, you’ll need to be able to prove you told them in writing you were moving back to the permanent address.

But it is not likely that any statute of limitations will be a problem here.

Feel free to respond anonymously for your protection here.

But in order to formally take this on, I’ll eventually need a name and address, to check conflicts.

Namaste — Condor