Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small PSA Dept: If You've Filed A Fosmax® Claim -- Especially YOU: Kathy Herring, And Sheila Ann Rahey -- Check In With Your Lawyer

As long as we are sweeping up around the old joint -- for the long (mothballed-machinery style) weekend -- on most matters alendronate sodium (branded as the osteoporosis drug Fosamax®), I'll encourage the people who haven't done so recently to check in with their lawyers.

The two people mentioned above are likely Minnesota residents, and have gone missing according to their lawyers. And so, their cases may be adversely affected by the entry of a Lone Pine order shortly -- if they do not turn up. This PSA is applicable to perhaps two dozen other similarly situated claimants. If your lawyer cannot reach you, or you haven't checked in with your lawyer in the last year, and your medical expert papers are not yet available -- or are not in order -- and/or you are making an "atypical" claim, your case may get dismissed due to your own non-responsiveness. See this non-opposition motion, as typical of the non-responder group:

. . . .Pursuant to the Court’s Order of June 9, 2014 (Doc. No. 1666), Plaintiffs Kathy Herring and Sheila Ann Rahey, by and through their counsel, hereby respond to Merck’s Third Motion for Entry of a Lone Pine Order. . . .

Plaintiffs’ counsel has been unable to contact Plaintiffs Kathy Herring and Sheila Ann Rahey. See Declaration of Charles H. Johnson, dated June 27, 2014. Counsel for Plaintiffs takes no position on Merck’s Motion for Entry of a Lone Pine Order. Counsel for Plaintiffs will continue to try to reach Plaintiffs Kathy Herring and Sheila Ann Rahey. . . .

If you know either of these two -- let them know, and tell them to call their lawyer, Charles H. Johnson of New Brighton, Minnesota [he's definitely listed in the white pages -- and the yellow ones(!)]. Now, if you are traveling for the long holiday weekend -- please be safe -- and have yourself a great adventure!

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