Friday, July 11, 2014

Merck's Divestitures Of Consumer Health And Other Businesses to Bayer Clear Hart Scott: Federal Register

I'll have more in a few minutes, but Merck was granted early termination of the so-called HSR waiting period here in the US, overnight, just before the long holiday weekend break.

So this $14.2 billion deal is very likely to close in Q3 2014. From 79 FR 39392 of the Federal Register, reprinted as a feed at Insurance News Net, then:

. . . .Section 7A of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C. 18a, as added by Title II of the Hart-Scott-Rodin Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, requires persons contemplating certain mergers or acquisitions to give the Federal Trade Commission and the Assistant Attorney General advance notice and to wait designated periods before consummation of such plans. Section 7A(b)(2) of the Act permits the agencies, in individual cases, to terminate this waiting period prior to its expiration and requires that notice of this action be published in the Federal Register .

The following transactions were granted early termination--on the dates indicated--of the waiting period provided by law and the premerger notification rules. The listing for each transaction includes the transaction number and the parties to the transaction. . . .

[06.30.2014] 20141051 G Bayer AG; Merck & Co., Inc.; Bayer AG. 20141052 G Merck & Co., Inc.; Bayer AG; Merck & Co., Inc. . . .

Not surprising, given the lack of US overlap in the involved businesses -- between each of Bayer AG and Whitehouse Station. Now the European Competition Commission is on deck -- to clear the deal -- do stay tuned. And have a glorious sun-drenched Friday!


Anonymous said...

I didn't see a good place to drop this but it may be of interest to you. AZ has a ballot issue coming up Prop 303: State statute to allow terminally ill patients access to medical treatments which have completed phase one of clinical trial, but are not yet approved by FDA.

I have not followed the compassionate use law closely but it seems like states are now drafting their own versions as well.

Sun drenched every day around these parts. Enjoy yours while you can!

Condor said...


Will start tracking it!

Where are you? Sun-drenched?! I need to move there!