Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dutch Court: Mylan To Pay Merck Damages -- For Sales In EU Of Generic Version Of Propecia®?

This patent litigation has raged hot and cold -- including some country by country settlements -- since early 2012. In October of this year, the central patent expires on finasteride. [Two of my many older backgrounders -- more generally, on the Merck hair loss drug's travails, here; and here.]

So -- Mylan may well end up (at some distant future date) paying infringement royalties to Merck for the 2012 to date sales, at least in the Netherlands. I am sure Mylan will appeal. If it does, it will have to post a bond for at least a portion of the awarded damages. So I expect settlement talks are underway, now. Here is the item -- and a bit (do go read it all):

. . . .[The patent] has been the subject of legal proceedings in various countries, with different outcomes:

▲ In the United Kingdom, the Court of Appeal held the patent to be valid.

▲ The German Federal Patent Court invalidated the patent for lack of novelty. On appeal, MSD and Mylan settled the case.

▲ In France, EP 724.444 B1 was held invalid by the first-instance court; the case is now on appeal.

▲ The Spanish first-instance court and the court of appeal invalidated EP 724.444 B1 for lack of inventive step.

▲ In Italy, EP 724.444 B1 was held valid at first instance, and MSD and Mylan settled on appeal. . . .

Do stay tuned. . . we will too. Have an excellent birthday -- if today is your special day!

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