Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fish. Barrel. Shoot. Repeat: Fred Hassan, Irony Division

I will now only very rarely return to the original animating motivation for this blog -- but today is an exception. Feel free to read no further, if you are not a fan of snark.

From time to time, ex-Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan drops smallish "twitter-turds" into what he calls a micro-blog -- and those are carried via the WSJ media empire [my condolences to Ed]. Most are just. . . inane. But this one is so flooded with irony. . . I just must reprint it, in full:

. . . .FRED HASSAN: Doctors advocate diet and exercise, yet many are poor role models themselves. Many rush to work without their daily exercise. Others do not watch what they eat. During a field trip, I saw a cardiologist wolf down a greasy lunch even as he dashed off to a catch lab procedure.

Being rushed and overworked is no defense. Patients look to doctors for role modeling. Self-awareness and self-discipline in their personal lifestyle will greatly help these doctors in their personal and professional lives. . . .

N-i-i-i-i-ce. Fast Fred talking what role models ought to look like. Hilarious. Nothing more need be said. And nothing would suffice. So I'll hush.


Anonymous said...

Hush~~my Axx!

Earn trust every day!
I'm a builder not a seller.

Condor said...


To your mother, brother. . . .

H I L A R I O U S !!!!


Anonymous said...

he got it wrong, cardiologists rush to cath labs... as in catheterisation not as in catching the embolism

Condor said...

Flawless! Thanks, deeply belated, to all my Anon.s!