Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brit Tabloid: "A Wee Man. . . In Dentist's Glasses"!? Oh. My!

'Cross the Pond Media Review Edition: Yep -- I love this!

This is the arch comedy we so expect of that arid British wit. . . Do go read it all -- from the The Daily Mail:

. . . .Here came the top man at American drugs giant Pfizer. Mister Viagra! Real name: Ian C Read, chairman and chief executive, British-born but, by the sound of his elastic twang, long lost to these islands.

He turned out to be a humdinger, American business baloney made flesh, all plastic jargon and resolute jaw with a hilarious lack of that most important of senses: the self-absurd.

There was a scrum outside the committee room and you could easily have missed the wee fella – bald, dentist’s glasses – who swaggered in to meet the business select committee.

Was that really one of the most important industrialists in the world? Or was it Ronnie Corbett’s accountant? He was followed by a great wodge of suits from both Pfizer and its bid target, AstraZeneca. Not Astra Zeneca, thank you. . . .

Do go read every hilarious bit of it!

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