Saturday, March 8, 2014

Salmon Rises -- "A River Runs Through It" -- And Just Keeps Running: Saphris® Is Now. . . At Actavis. Hilarious.

It has been many a moon since we last heard from, or caught sight of our good friend, Salmon.

That learned and gentle soul has surfaced, momentarily, in my email box (I just checked the archive box this evening) -- and so, I'll pass this along -- regarding the fourth change of hands, for asenapine, the beleaguered candidate he so eloquently critiqued, over four years ago (now sold as Saphris®):

. . . .Haven’t been following your blog for a while.

I just heard about this even though it occurred 2.5 weeks ago.

See where you predicted it. . . .

-- Salmon

Huge surprise. Brent Saunders (another Fast Fred protégé) taking yet another payout, rather than being bothered with the unthinkable drudgery -- of actually running a[nother] company.

And, true to form, he overpaid for the turkey Saphris, then sold it at an additionally inflated price -- to a less-keen buyer.

Predictable. In fact, as Salmon intones -- we both did.

See here -- from the latest SEC filing on that deal:

Be excellent to one another. I'm out -- to the movies -- to see "Hotel Budapest."

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