Monday, March 24, 2014

As Long As We Are Talking Material Upcoming Scientific Conference Submission Deadlines: ASCO 2014

Just a quick update -- on what to expect, and when -- related to the MK-3475 (called pembrolizumab, formerly lambrolizumab) vs. BMS Nivolumab cancer horse race. This is likely to be a material horse race, for Merck's overall future earnings power. [Largely immaterial Liver Congress update, here.]

ASCO deadlines this year are as follows (the press will be released from embargoes on June 1, 2014).

. . . .March 12-13 | Scientific Program Committee meets to select abstracts

Late March | Abstract notification letters sent by email to first authors regarding selection decisions

April 1 | Late-Breaking Abstract submission deadline

Mid-April | First authors of Late-Breaking Abstracts are notified of final selection decisions

April 10 | Deadline to withdraw an abstract

April 21 | Abstract titles released as part of the Annual Meeting iPlanner launch

May 14 | Abstracts released on . . .

So -- we may get some insight as to which companies will be presenting what data, later this week -- out of ASCO 2014 (on cancers, including melanoma, and solid organ tumors), in much the same way that we received the 2014 Liver Congress pressers (on Hep C), this morning. Do stay tuned. These ASCO releases might well be material to Merck, overall. Especially if BMS discloses that it is further along with Nivolumab than Wall Street imagines it is.

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