Friday, February 14, 2014

Wellington Returns -- To Being A North Of 5% Holder, After A Nearly Four Year Hiatus (When Counting Legacy Schering-Plough)

Again -- not really world beating news, but at one time (in early 2009), Wellington affiliated entities owned nearly 13 per cent of all of Schering-Plough's then outstanding shares. Wellington then sold off $2.5 billion worth in a few weeks -- during the ENHANCE debacle.

From then on, the fund was either not a holder, at all, or less than a 5 per center -- for the best part of four years. At some point during 2013, perhaps even very late in the year, Wellington re-bought in enough Merck common (that common stock is really just the old Schering-Plough common, renamed -- don't ask why!), to float a bit north of the SEC Schedule 13 disclosure rules. So, our old friends return! See at right.

Ah, yes -- all is well, this fiery St. Valentine's evening! We are now passionate about so many, many things -- and you should be, too!  Heh! Be sure to eat some of the red candy hearts, on your way out. . .

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