Thursday, February 27, 2014

Still No U.S. Confirmation -- On Iran-Merck Story -- Beginning Day Three

A few more Islamic business news sources are now running that item I mentioned yesterday morning.

Still no official word out of Darmstadt, Germany (or Whitehouse Station) -- and neither of the two may ever officially confirm, given the immateriality of it to overall consolidated global operations, and the potential for at least some controversy. To be clear, there is no logical reason why the poor and sick of Iran should be punished for the continuing odious behavior of an oligarchy. The people are effectively without a voice. So I support Merck's move. We will keep watching, though -- here's a bit from the latest version:

. . . ."A[n unnamed] Japanese company has also signed an agreement for the production of medicines in Iran," he added.

MSD is the first US drug company to sign a cooperation contract with Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. International sanctions against Iran have hindered medicinal trade, as pharmaceutical firms have been refusing to sell Iran drugs due to difficulties in receiving payments. This has led to shortages of some vital medicines in the country.

Iran's Health Ministry official, Hossein Ayati, said earlier that 97 percent of Iran's required medicines are currently produced domestically. . . .

Do stay tuned.

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