Saturday, February 8, 2014

Reader Poll: Does Anyone Out There Sincerely Believe. . .

This is in the gray area -- between on topic, and off, for this blog.

The question is, I think, largely a political one (with just a hint of constitutional law imbued therein):

Does anyone out there still seriously think that the ACA of 2010, or Obamacare, if you prefer, will be in large part dismantled by a legal challenge of any sort, at any level?

And, if so, why?

Feel free to answer in comments. I am curious, because it seems Speaker Boehner is holding up immigration reform, in the vain hope he can STILL get some ill-defined concession as to the ongoing roll-out of the ACA of 2010. [As that fine blogger asks -- "Mr. Speaker, why try to pass any laws? It's not like it's your job or anything. . ."]

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