Monday, February 24, 2014

Not Sure How I Missed This. . . PEM-brolizumab Is The (Not So) New MK-3475 Name

Thanks go to an alert commenter on the back-up site. Clearly I hadn't been looking -- and I don't prescribe the stuff, even on an investigational basis, so I wouldn't "have gotten the memo, here." Heh.

Goofy me.

Apparently, back in November of 2013, Merck tired of its own previously clever and humorous naming of MK-3475. It switched the official chemical name from Lambrolizumab, to Pembrolizumab. Here's the bit -- and a link, again. However, I'll only correct entries from today, forward. I'm just. . . lazy. . . like that. [And similarly, this graphic (at right) will do, until I am around the laptop loaded with full-on Photoshop.]

. . . .This adoption statement (pembrolizumab) supersedes and replaces N13/06 (lambrolizumab), which is hereby rescinded. . . .

Once again, thanks to our readership. Love it!

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