Friday, January 24, 2014

Some Additional (Late-Breaking) Bits Of Lobby-Spend At Merck: Forbes-Tate, Capitol Counsel And Mehlman Vogel

So -- add another $107,500 to the 2013 lobby spending total at Merck (due to additional filings) -- that makes it more like $11.38 million on the year. Again -- a record.

Perhaps the more interesting development (more so than the rather waifish additional dollars spent) in these later-filed fourth quarter 2013 Senate Form LD-2 reports is the new/not previously disclosed items in the list of matters on which Merck deployed the lobbyists. Take a look:

. . . .[Mehlman Vogel Castaganetti:]

▲ Budget issues, including Medicare Part D rebates and reductions in Medicare Part D low income subsidies.

▲ Discussions and possible legislation amending Title XVIII, Part D (Medicare Part D) of SSA. . . .

▲ Amendments including issues of "non-interference clause" and Medicare Advantage.

▲ Independent Payment Advisory Board.

▲ Medicare and Entitlement Reform.

▲ Low income subsidy co-pays.

▲ H.R. 1407, Annual Drug User Fee Agreements of 2013.

▲ Trade promotion authority; trade with India. . . .

▲ Issues relating to trade negotiations; PNTR with Russia.

▲ Issues related to pharmaceutical drug safety track and trace program legislation.

▲ Issues related to comparative effectiveness, issues related to the Independent Payment Advisory Board. . . .

As ever, we will keep you up to date.

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