Saturday, January 4, 2014

Merck Offers 2011 Video As Evidence That (Properly Dosed) Zilmax® Shouldn't Result In Cattle Lameness

I'll simply title this one equal time, and fair access. I'll make it available here, since I quoted the Reuters story, earlier this week, at length. This video link, below, is from Merck's Zilmax® rejoinder, of sorts.

Click here to watch the video stream offered by Merck (and -- in full disclosure -- shot by people funded by Merck). The video purports to show a control group, on a split screen -- with a Zilmax-dosed group, being run into the cattle pens, for slaughter.

In honor of the Nebraska cattle depicted there, we offer the above masthead tweak [now archived under that link, and depicted below (click it to enlarge)], as hauntingly-frozen water art -- (now that's a "boy, I feel cold" photo!) from the AP's Nati Harnik. That's the sub-zero aftermath of a fire in the luminous, frigid dawn -- in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Stay warm -- I'm now on the road, headed north, today. Brrrrr. Be excellent to one another!

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