Thursday, January 2, 2014

If You Know Ed, And Like His Work, Please Reach Out To Him. . .

UPDATED | 01.03.14 @ 7 AM EST: To answer Justice in Michigan (Hey JiM!, in comments below) -- I think it will be helpful to Ed, even just to know that you all are thinking of him.

He sounds great, and is evaluating several options. Even so, it is hard to predict how this all might unfold, but do recall that he was offline for a little more than nine months -- in 2009. And we all returned. Know this: his brand is solid; his writing, true. He will return -- trust that. I am not at liberty to say more than that, now.

[END, UPDATED PORTION -- but do look for status beacons, from time to time, in the shadows of my masthead image. We will certainly let you know when, and where, he will reappear.]

In order to keep the trolling to a minimum, I'll not publish contact details here -- but for those many many readers who know and respect Ed Silverman's work at (both back when it was an independent, and later under the Pharmalive brand) -- please reach out to him.

His thoughtful, careful and yet non-biased take -- on all things life science -- is a voice we cannot afford to see fall silent.

I'm trading email with him, as he figures out what is next -- but let's all pitch in and offer whatever support and encouragement we can. In short, let's help him keep the lights on. I'll now go see about an indiegogo set up for him (or the like), assuming he'll allow it. More news here soon. [Thanks so much to my commenters, for alerting me! And if you don't have his details, but have a genuine idea to help -- please leave it anonymously, even, in comments. I'll get it to him.]

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Justice in MI said...

I just learned this, Condor. VERY too bad.

As many of us know, Pharmalot has come back before. Not knowing more context, I don't have ideas. But I hope others will, to which we may contribute.

Onward and best,

Justice in Michigan