Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes, Dishonesty Must Be Called Out -- With Specificity: Kentucky ACA Edition

Thanks go to a very close friend of the blog for this one.

We all know politicians fib -- but this is well beyond ordinary fibbing. Per the HuffPo, then:

. . . .It was just Wednesday night that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) railed against the Affordable Care Act, calling it a "catastrophic failure" for people everywhere.

"This is beyond fixing. It needs to be pulled out root and branch and we need to start over," McConnell said during an interview on Fox's "On The Record With Greta Van Susteren." "It's been a catastrophe for health care and for the economy at large."

But the governor of McConnell's home state came to Capitol Hill on Thursday with a vastly different message: the health care law is working, and people in Kentucky can't get enough of it.

"I have a U.S. senator who keeps saying Kentuckians don't want this. Well, the facts don't prove that out," Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) told reporters.

Beshear said more than 550,000 people have visited the state's Obamacare enrollment website since it launched on Oct. 1. More than 180,000 have called into the health care call center and about 69,000 people have signed up, or about 1,000 Kentuckians per day. Of those who have signed up, he said, 41 percent are under the age of 35.

"There is a tremendous pent-up demand in Kentucky for affordable health care," Beshear said. "People are hungry for it. . . ."

It would seem that Mr. McConnell is allergic to the truth. But his constituents may not be, in 2014.

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