Sunday, December 8, 2013 UPDATE -- We Will See Our Health Data -- Purchasers After November 23, 2013 Will Not

To update our foray, here -- since we purchased prior to the FDA's warning letter, we will still see our DNA health information related output. That's cool. We remain primarily enthused to learn about the roots of our family tree still buried by a deep, peaty bog, and then further enshrouded by the mists of time long settled, and our forebears' only oral traditions -- now forever silenced, in the same bog.

For us, at least, it's more a geneaology project -- than a diagnostic kit, but we are happy with the outcome, just the same. Here is the NYT's Bits Blog on it :

. . . .23andMe has said it believes that people are entitled to information about their own DNA and has been working with the F.D.A. for several years to get regulatory approval for its tests. The problem, Anne Wojcicki said on Tuesday, is that the F.D.A.’s approval system is set up to approve individual tests, but 23andMe tests about a million components of a person’s DNA. Filing for a million approvals would be impossible, she said. . . .

The company will continue to take orders for new tests but will provide only ancestry information and raw data, without interpretations of the health implications. It said it might resume providing health data if it receives regulatory approval. . . .

We will -- as ever -- keep you posted.

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