Thursday, May 9, 2013

This May Take A Few Days. . .

Especially since I am particularly busy with other duties, at present -- I am uncertain as to whether I will be in a position to provide coverage of the just-filed New Jersey gender and maternity discrimination lawsuit against Merck. I want to more carefully analyze the complaint -- especially since it seeks federal class action status, and makes a rather um. . . eye-popping damages calculation.

And so, you'll find no links to it, here, yet.

For now, I am going to remain silent on it. I want to be rather circumspect on this -- if every word of it turns out to be true, and provable, it covers enough sales reps that it might become material to New Merck, at some future point.

But without a careful review of the evidence, and without an officially-filed answer at law to the complaint, it would be irresponsible to lend too much credence to the plaintiffs' assertions.  At least for now.

Afterall, Merck is regularly lauded, by numerous independent analyses, for being a very-mom friendly place to work. That doesn't mean the plaintiffs aren't right -- it just gives one a little pause.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Alex Kelly has left Merck as head of Investor Relations to re-join his Fred and Brent buds as the B&L head of Investor Relations as they ready their IPO?

Anonymous said...

It's true! I also heard Carrie s cox is going to run pharmaceutical sales. Looks like Fast Freddie Hassan is calling his band of merry men for this ipo