Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco! -- With Two (Unrelated) Sunday Notes -- On Merck

First, during the past week, Linda Secrest filed a petition for a writ of certorari with the United States Supreme Court -- asking it to overturn a Second Circuit decision holding (in part) that her doctors' testimony/opinion evidence was essentially a sham. Secrest's Fosamax® ONJ case was dismissed in Manhattan's federal District Court, last year. She appealed to the Second Circuit. We will let you know if the Supremes grant cert., but I'd say the odds are a little worse than 30-1 -- that the high court will take the case. Unfortunate, for Mrs. Secrest -- but true, based on prior history, here.

Now -- on the second, separate topic -- should any reader have an interest, I can line out, in reasonably plain English, at least one version of a step-by-step roadmap, as to how the Apple/Merck finance folks will likely use US denominated debt obligations, sold into the public markets to -- in essence -- return Euro- and Yen- denominated in-geography captive earnings, to the US holding company, in a tax efficient manner (and likely repurchase a vast amount of common stock with it, in each case). But that sort of weedy, wonky detail may not interest the readership here assembled, so I'll leave it at that -- unless there is a specific request, in comments. [Here is a short, top-line, non-plain English version of one other approach, from CFO Magazine, a few years back.]

That's all -- for today. Do enjoy your celebrations -- with our fine neighbors -- who've arrived over generations, from our friend, immediately to the south of us. [We have a rather boisterous party on tap, for this evening -- many a tequila drink to be served!]


Anonymous said...

Pardon my disregard for the calender, Condor, but perhaps you can make note to mark 'May the 4th be with you' next year. ;) great insights to offer any day of the year but a bit of fun never hurts.

Condor said...

COnsider it done!

Love the concept!

It is now a scheduled post, in draft form -- hard coded, here for 05.04.2014. . .


Condor said...

Do look below, at the first entry for last Saturday -- newly created, and post-dated.