Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Bought Vertex Pharma In July 2009 -- On My Say-So At $29, You Are VERY HAPPY Tonight!

Okay -- I can't resist! Way, way back in July of 2009, I was closely following the Hep C wars -- for next gen treatments -- telaprevir (Vertex candidate) vs. Schering-Plough's (then Merck's) boceprevir candidate. I was saying that $29 a share was a very good entry point, for an investment in Vertex -- even then (to be fair, Goldman Sachs thought so, too).

Vertex won that last battle, and handily so.  Now they have another likely runaway winner.

From tonight's Wall Street Journal, then -- do go read it all:
. . . .[Vertex said] data from a Phase 2 trial of its cystic-fibrosis treatment showed statistically significant improvements in lung function among adults with the most common type of the disorder. The news sent the company's shares surging 51% at $79.80 in after-hours trading Thursday. When combined with ivacaftor, treatment VX-661 showed statistically significant improvements in lung function among adults who have two copies of the most common mutation in the cystic-fibrosis gene. Vertex said VX-661 was generally well-tolerated both alone and in combination with ivacaftor and added it plans to conduct additional studies of VX-661 to further evaluate the treatment's potential for late-stage development, pending regulatory discussions. . . .
We will keep you posted, here. Nice pop, huh? Yep!

[Ed. Note | 04.21.13: Incidentally, and appropos of nothing, really -- it turns out this post, on Thursday evening, was my 2,500th post to this blog. Yep -- two thousand, five hundred entries, over a little more than five years. I just noticed that now -- on Sunday morning. Wild. And thanks to everyone involved -- for making it a great ride!]

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