Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Merck Files ENHANCE Securities Settlement SEC Form 8-K; Actual Settlement Agreement Still Not Public

We will keep an eye on the electronic PACER filing window -- in the US District courthouse, in Newark, New Jersey, as well as on the SEC's EDGAR filing window.

We will do so, because at a minimum, the mechanical details of how Manson/Genessee ENHANCE Securities class members are to receive their opt-out notices, and/or payments, will be made public, once Judge Cavanaugh approves the previously negotiated terms of settlement, here.

Okay, then -- just to keep an up to date record, though -- here is a link to the SEC-filed Form 8-K I mentioned in the headline, filed after-hours tonight. The filing includes selected restated 2012 financial results, to reflect the $498 million charge to Q4 2012 earnings.

More -- as the same becomes available.

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