Monday, December 10, 2012

Merck Foundation -- Sitting On The Correct Side of History, Now.

Not a huge surprise here, after Merck signed an amicus brief in the latest US Supreme Court case favoring inclusion (diversity as a factor permitted in admission, hiring and promotion decisions), but welcome news just the same. Merck joins Intel, and UPS among other names, in taking a stand in favor of ending the discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts of America, per CBS Marketwatch, this morning:

. . . .[The Merck Foundation] will pull all funding for the Boy Scouts of America due to the youth organization's discriminatory policies toward gay and lesbian Americans. "Merck Foundation has suspended all funding to the Boys Scouts of America," a spokesperson told the group, Scouts for Equality. "The Merck Foundation will consider funding the BSA again when the organization's inclusion criteria has been expanded. . . .
This is both wise business -- and morally-correct thinking -- in Merck's public philanthropy.

History will certainly now judge the BSA's current policies to be on the wrong side of this question, in my estimation.

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