Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At The Supremes -- Health Care Reform Oral Arguments -- In Two Weeks

The very finely-researched and written SCOTUSBlog.com has the definitive media roundup -- do go read it all -- but here is a bit of it:

. . . .With oral arguments in the challenge to the Affordable Care Act set to begin in two weeks, the weekend’s coverage of the Court focuses on the Term’s most anticipated case. . . .

In the New York Times, Adam Liptak writes that the Court’s health care decision will "shape, if not define," the legacy of Chief Justice John Roberts, reasoning that "clashes like the one over the health care law come around only a few times in a century, and he may well complete his service without encountering another case posing such fundamental questions about the structure of American government. . . ."

Writing for Forbes, Lawrence Hunter describes the White House’s "campaign to hoist the Court on the petard of conservative justice Antonin Scalia’s words," based on the Justice’s "expansive view of . . . the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause". . . .

Separately, I should mention that Merck will present at the Barclays conference down in Florida, tomorrow at 8:30 am Eastern, and that Merck's Victrelis® (boceprevir) received a NICE green-light, for reimbursement in the United Kingdom, recently. Expect it to mentioned at Barclays.

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Medical Health Insurance said...

Should be a 5-4 decision. Hard to say which way though.