Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adam Feuerstein Is Exactly Right: EASL Offers Easily-Abused Selective Liver Study Disclosure To Hedge Funds, Etc.

This has, quite-frankly, long troubled me. I am excited to see someone -- anyone -- making a larger issue of it. It has impacted, and will, in the future, certainly continue to impact the stock prices of the participants in the next-gen Hep C wars. And more than occasionally, it will do so in non-transparent ways -- conferring significant trading (and thus financial) benefits upon Wall Street's high-powered-elite: the hedge funds and largest portfolio managers.

Writing for The Street, Adam hits the nail on the head, here:

. . . .But if you want an advance look at potentially market-moving hepatitis C drug data, you'll have to be an EASL member or a registered attendee of the EASL meeting -- a group which includes hedge fund and mutual fund portfolio managers and sell-side analysts, all of whom can pay for early access.

EASL plans to selectively distribute hepatitis C drug research abstracts to these folks on Thursday. The same documents will not be made available to the public. That means a select group of investors will have access to potentially stock-moving clinical data while a majority of investors will be kept in the dark. . . .

Exactly right. The EASL conference selective disclosure/embargo system needs to be reworked -- there is scant legitimate reason to suggest that EASL members need advance access.


Condor said...

UPDATE: Now Bloomberg is reporting that the advance/embargo date will be March 27, 2012 -- still several days in advance of public availability. The proffered reason fro the delay from the 22nd, to the 27th, is "technical issues".

Hmmmm. . . maybe Adam is having an impact?

We shall see.


Condor said...


According to Adam's latest, over at the Street, the top brass at EASL relented -- abstracts to be made available to the public on April 4, 2012 -- at exactly the same time that EASL members (including hedge funds, and portfolio managers) will receive access to them.

Way to go, Adam!

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