Thursday, January 26, 2012

Excellent Daxas® Follow-Up Analysis, From An Anonymous Commenter

One of my favorite anonymous commenters offers us a great update -- and on a legacy Schering-Plough COPD candidate story that I completely missed. Of course, Pharmalot had it and I missed it there too. In any event, here it is:

. . . .I missed it too and was made aware of it today based on Pharmalot's news regarding the recent Daxas® lack of approval in the UK.

Not a big player for Merck but I also noted that Merck has also taken their CXCR2 antagonist off their clinical pipeline chart (legacy S/P compound).

The only COPD drug left is the inhaled steroid/LABA (Dulera, Zenhale and Foradil). [Which is] just a retooling of the asthma medicine.

Interesting -- I wonder if they're giving up on COPD?

January 25, 2012 11:06 AM. . . .

While I doubt that Merck is giving up on COPD meds altogether, I do think this is quite a come-down from the COPD program's status at legacy Schering-Plough, as most recently outlined here in April of 2010. That former Merck Daxas® distribution partner, Nycomed, is also where an ex-Schering-Plough GC has landed, as of November 2010 (see related graphic, at right -- I think Nycomed still handles Alvesco® -- anyone know?).

Again -- thanks to our erstwhile readership, this place is always made a better (if opinionated) resource.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod.

You were right and as a follow up, Merck is still pursuing the CXCR2 compound for COPD ( )

Though, I wonder why it isn't on the Merck Clinical pipleline listed on the website.


Anonymous said...

Nycomed (more strictly Byk Gulden) was the originator of both Daxas and ciclesonide.