Thursday, September 22, 2011

Merck Creates 70 to 120 New R&D Jobs In Ireland, Investing €100M

This facility has been under construction since 2007 -- but is good news, nonetheless, after the closures and layoffs in Ireland, of exactly one year ago, this month. This, from a local online pharma news report:

. . . .The US giant, known as Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD) outside North America, noted that construction on the facility at the existing Ballydine site began in September 2007 and since then 70 new high calibre roles have been created. This number could increase to 120 as new innovative medicines are developed at MSD and an additional 6 million euro investment is already in the planning phase to extend the new site. . . .

There are currently six new drugs in development at MSD Ballydine, including a cholesterol/type 2 diabetes combination and a treatment for hepatitis C. . . .

A glimmer of good news, eh?


Anonymous said...

Good news? I guess for Ireland but, many of those jobs are probably at the expense of the researchers in NJ.

And like many of the jobs that were developed in the past at Ireland/Singapore they are at the expense of the American taxpayer. As most of the jobs are out-sourced to these locations for the high tax incentives given to Merck (or any other company) to locate the jobs there.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Jobs in The US are more expensive than jobs in Ireland, which are more expensive than in Asia...70-120 new jobs in Ireland is just a political cover for the loss of thousands of R&D layoffs in the the US sites of MRK.
Innovators are first on the chopping block, not that many are left at MRK. And Leg-SP R&D still needs to be cleared out. The few remaining will be the docile easily led-by-the-nose type - which MRK leadership prefers. MRK create nothing anymore.