Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Former Schering-Plough Animal Health GM In Canada Lands At Avivagen Canada

Avivagen, a new Canadian animal health company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Chemaphor, reports it has appointed Charlotte Foster as Director of Marketing and Sales.

Foster has extensive experience and is well known within the Canadian animal health industry. Although he was with Pfizer Animal Health Canada, that was apparently a temporary home after the Schering-Plough bust-up. Viz -- from the Canadian AccessWire story:

. . . .[Charlotte] Foster was General Manager for Schering-Plough Animal Health Canada for 15 years and was the Canadian Integration Lead as the result of Schering-Plough’s worldwide acquisition of Organon Bioscience and Intervet Corporation. Foster was also marketing manager with Merck Agvet. Foster is a past chair of the Canadian Animal Health Institute.

"Charlotte has many years of experience as a senior executive and General Manager at the top animal health firms in Canada," comments Dave Hankinson, CEO of Avivagen Animal Health. "Her leadership and her knowledge of the veterinary channel will be invaluable to Avivagen to help us in our efforts to increase market penetration of OximunolTM Chewable Tablets, VetStem RC Regenerative Cell Therapy and future products. . . ."

Scattered to the four winds, it seems. . .

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte was one of the 'good guys' at Schering-Plough Canada. She was well liked and respected by her people and competitors. She built up the business to what it was at the end. Congratulations Charlotte!!