Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Merck: About 500 Legacy Organon R&D Jobs To Stay In The Netherlands

Candidly, this is actually quite a bit better news than I had expected. Merck will keep some R&D jobs open in Oss, per Reuters reporting this morning:

. . . .Organon said on Thursday that Merck has now agreed to keep 486 of the 1000 research and development jobs in the Netherlands, and to set up a new Dutch research centre focused on supporting all of Merck's therapeutic areas as well as emerging economies. . . .

Separately, FDA denied Merck's application to expand the label for Gardasil, to older women in the US.


Anonymous said...

Merck has the following plan:
A development Center in Oss, with 486 R&D jobs.

This is a Development Center, including Late stage Women's Health coregroup with 382 jobs.

104 R&D positions are kept alive under which that in the Farmaceutical testfactory, and those porsitions become part of the Production Department and Facility Department.

547 jobs disappear july 1st 2011 in Merck research Labs in Oss instead of the 1000 announced layoffs in July 2010, Merck forgot to count the 300 people that already left Merck and whose positions were never filled.


condor said...

Very, very insightful!

Thank you so much, Anon.!

I've made it a new post, overnight -- again, do stop back.