Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pfizer (And Merck!) Started At "Outperform" -- By Wells Fargo

Okay -- I'll admit it -- I cannot resist this, as I prepare to board. . .

And, it may be a bit unfair, but how much faith -- here over a decade into the 21st Century -- should we put in the opinions of stock analysts still operating under a 19th Century stage-coach banner? Here's the Yahoo! news item:

. . . .Pharmaceutical Stocks: Key Dow components Pfizer and Merck are each initiated at Outperform with Wells Fargo. . . .

Well, more charitably, I think this rating simply says that the prices of these two equities are a little below where they ought to be -- not that these two are the next Apple. That is, do your own due diligence, here. Carry on.

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