Saturday, January 15, 2011

Merck's Vorapaxar | Thursday's Full Text Of Call Transcript Now Online

The PDf file transcript of the entire call is here. I apparently inadvertently omitted one questioner, in my summary-style (quick) live-blog, on Thursday morning -- taken in real-time -- so I'll set that fuller exchange below, thus:

. . . .[Transcript]

Marc Goodman (UBS) -- What's the similarity between the stroke and the ACS patients, if it's not bleeding, I guess, is the question.

Dr. Peter Kim (Merck: President, Merck Research Laboratories) -- Well, again, in the communication to the investigators, the study chairs did not state the reason that the DSMB made the recommendation.

Marc Goodman (UBS) -- Well, what would you say would be the similarity between those two patient populations and why they're similar?

Dr. Peter Kim (Merck: President, Merck Research Laboratories) -- I'm really not in a position to speculate at this point, Marc. . . .

We'll keep you posted -- but this makes a strong case that the near-term "full-value" price of Merck's stock is around. . . . $35 -- until the thick fog of the J&J arbitration uncertainty lifts, at least.

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