Monday, December 6, 2010

UPDATE: How To Donate -- And Double Your Impact | MenAfriVac™ | The Meningitis A Conjugate Vaccine Project For Africa. . .

A kindly, but anonymous soul just asked about how, and where, exactly -- to make a donation to the very worthy cause I highlighted in my most-recent Sunday morning (more generalized musings. . . with coffee!) post. Here is the comment:

. . . .What a wonderful story! Thanks for posting this. Do you know of any charity accepting donations toward the vaccination campaign? If MSF/Doctors Without Borders is in, I'll gladly increase my monthly donations to them.

December 6, 2010 9:11 PM. . . .

And, natch' -- my answer, then:

Thank you so much for asking!

The most direct route is to donate to PATH (see 1:30 YouTube above; click link below!), the umbrella charity running the mass immunization in Africa -- and in December 2010, your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, effectively doubling it! Click on the red bar (at right margin) when you arrive there:


The story:

. . . .1 + 1 = lives saved
Gifts matched through Dec. 31, 2010

Throughout December, mass immunization campaigns will bring a new vaccine to Africa’s meningitis belt. It means protection for 20 million people this month alone -- and proof that real change is possible, when we work together.

In celebration, your gift to PATH will be matched, dollar for dollar, through December 31. A group of generous supporters is funding the 1+1 Challenge, matching all donations to PATH’s Catalyst Fund up to a total of $155,000.

The MenAfriVac™ vaccine has the potential to end epidemic meningitis in Africa, one child plus one dose of vaccine at a time. Join us in celebrating one of the great milestones of global health. And help us continue to build a future where health is within reach for everyone.

1 + 1 = lives saved. You’re part of the equation. . . .

(I think I'll post an updated item, highlighting yours, Anon.!) Done!

Namaste -- and thanks, one and all!

Now, might I be so bold as to ask -- if you are reading this far in, and cannot give (given the state of the economy, etc.). . . even if you cannot give, thanks-in-advance, for caring enough to. . . write someone else -- by email, and link this item -- write any someone else, who might be in a position to do so!


Anonymous said...

Condor, thank you very much for both your original post and this update. I made the request on the original post and have just made a donation to PATH from this post. Thank you for bringing a little sun to what was a gloomy, cold day.

condor said...

My pleasure -- but please allow ME to thank YOU!, now. For as you know, your donation has helped save the lives of several thousand children, in Africa's meningitis belt. At $0.50 per dose -- you can do the math, but you've saved thousands!

Bless you!