Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've A Longer Retrospective Piece In Process | Of Hassan & Cox | Sorry For the "Outage"

I am working up a rather longish historical survey of several astonishingly "coincidental" timeline-intersections -- related to the aggressive marketing, regular SEC-filed safety reassurances, and ultimately, the abrupt withdrawals of various COX inhibitors -- primarily Celebrex®, Bextra® and Vioxx®. The first two were brought to market by Fred Hassan and Carrie S. Cox, while still at Pharmacia -- the last by prior management at legacy Merck. Of course, Fred and Carrie went on to an ignomious "Act II" -- at legacy Schering-Plough (which is now "New" Merck).

I think you'll find it fascinating. Bear with me as I generate several graphics depicting these three notorious drugs -- and do look for that post either later tonight, or sometime on the 29th or 30th -- as my holiday duties subside.

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