Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food For (Investing) Thought. . .

I'm just sayin'. . . that's all. Do your own diligence. I've done mine.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how this type of issue never gets brought up, only anti-Merck propaganda.

"A U.S. embassy cable released by the WikiLeaks website says drug maker Pfizer Inc. hired investigators to uncover "corruption links" to Nigeria's former attorney general to stop federal cases against it over a 1996 drug study in which 11 children died.


condor said...

Hello Anon. --

Actually, I've written at length on the Pfizer-Wikileaks-Jeff-Kindler resignation timing, over inside the gray stone walls of Ed Silverman's mythical kingdom called Pharmalot.

I'd encourage you to take a look at those two comments, there. [I am the Condor.] It is not that I don't care -- it is that I try to keep the focus of this blog on New Merck -- not pharma more generally.

See this, on Jeff Kindler's "enhanced" golden handshake, as well.

Trust me -- I don't think Pfizer is doing it very well -- on the ethical compliance end, either.

Merck may actually be marginally better than Pfizer, on that dimension.

However, as a stock investment, Pfizer is -- in my opinion -- undervalued at present, while Merck is fully valued.

Namaste -- do stop back.