Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Ink, For the ProPublica Pharma-Pay Datasets |

Earlier coverage of this important and timely topic resides here, here and here -- but tonight, Susan K. Livio, writing for, has some rather provocative pull-quotes to go with the data-base disclosures -- do go read it all:

. . . .Kathleen M. Boozang, law professor at Seton Hall University’s Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law and Policy, said new requirements to publicly disclose how much doctors are paid by drug companies aren’t enough to protect patients, noting many won’t look up their doctor on databases. . . .

The center last year issued a report calling for an end to "commercial support for continuing medical education," suggesting medical schools and physician associations should take over the role of educating doctors.

"We have blurred the line between promotion and education," Boozang said. "It shouldn’t be the obligation of patients to protect themselves from conflicts of interest. . . ."



Anonymous said...

I'd say we have also blurred the lines between protecting the public health and being an advocate for the pharmaceutical industry.

The following is a quote from an FDA Division Director responsible for the review and approval of drugs:

"Our job is to approve drugs."

condor said...

Agreed -- thankfully, that statement was made under a Bush-Cheney regime.

There's been a regime change.

Things are getting better at FDA, in my opinion, generally speaking.

Look at all the recent (last 16 months) complete response letters that essentially say "all in all, this is a complete do over". . . as to non-effective, or downright dangerous, candidates.