Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last Quarter (Q2 2010), Paulson & Co. Had Already Sold All Its Merck; Kept All Its Pfizer

In just a few days, we'll know what the savvy investor did in the large cap pharma space, during the third quarter of 2010. [As we earlier mentioned, the institutional investor Kahn Brothers Group sold all of its Merck holdings, to buy more Pfizer in Q3 2010 -- per its most-recently filed SEC Schedule 13F.]

Did Paulson add to his Pfizer holdings? Reduce them? Might he have re-entered a Merck position, given the weakness? We'll know soon -- but here is the Paulson Q2 2010 Schedule 13F, discloing the Pfizer position (and no corresponding Merck position):

. . . .Pfizer Inc. Value (As of August 15, 2010): $717,081,103.00 | 22,800,000 common shares. . . .

Overnight, that ever vigilant gent Ed Silverman, over at Pharmalot picked up on a one-line disclosure in Pfizer's just filed third quarter Form 10-Q, indicating that it will cut additional heads, beyond those previously announced.

Will Merck need to do the same -- boosting the layoff percentage targets, in view of market conditions? We shall soon see.

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Anonymous said...

Q3 - Pg 44, 15% cutbacks at Pfizer.

Interesting, not a is rozy there either: