Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did Merck "Censor" Dr. Thomas F. Lüescher's "Racy" DEFINE Results Slide Set?

UPDATED: 11.19.10 @ 2 pm EST | Listen to this audio stream (a 5 minute mp3 file) of Dr. Lüescher's remarks, recorded live -- at about 2 minutes, and 50 seconds in. He gets a huge laugh from the slide on "Class v. Molecule", slide number 9 -- and he sets the joke up perfectly. There is no possibility that the audience would laugh at the "as censored" slide. No, he used the racy one. Hilarious. An a wonderful teaching moment.


I do not want to make "too much of too little", here -- but Merck has plainly swapped-out slide number 9, of the slide deck Dr. Lüescher used yesterday at AHA to present DEFINE's Anacetrapib results. The original used an image from the above movie clip (featuring the comely Ms. Eva Mendes, in "The Women", 2008); the edited now appears just above the original:

Perhaps Ms. Mendes' people called Whitehouse Station. I dunno. Hilarious, but there you have it. BONUS: Can anyone out there identify the "gentleman" giving the one finger salute? Answers tomorrow. First correct answer in the comment box wins. . . sumthin' fabulous! Have at it!

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condor said...

The gentleman at left -- in the "Class v. Molecule" slide number 9 excerpt is none other than. . .

Enrico Veltri. No doubt.