Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Could This Be A 2010 Edition "Bad Timing" Dept. -- For Goldman Sachs Bankers?

Borderline O/T, but. . . we'll drop this in, at a busy day's end, courtesy of the New York Times' DealBook blog. With all the swirl, this may prove particularly embarrassing -- that one of Goldman's analysts is featured in the DealBook's "Wall Street's Swagger Returns" story, tonight:

. . . .Exuberance made a comeback this year at Josh Koplewicz’s annual Halloween party. More than 1,000 people packed into a 6,000-square-foot space at the Good Units night club in Manhattan, a substantially larger crowd than in the last several years. The open bar was sponsored by Russian Standard vodka, and Mr. Koplewicz, an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs, was able to snag a big headliner: the hip-hop star Lil’ Kim, who performed dressed in a black cat costume. . . .

Photos from this event may be among the prosecution's visual aids, should the Goldman matter eventually wend its way toward trial. Sorta' trivial, I know. I'll have better stuff tomorrow, I promise.


Editor's Subsequent Correction: The caption on the photo is incorrect: the top image includes only "Spindarella" with "Pepa", not old school "Salt". So, only 2/3rd of what was the late-80s rap-group "Salt-N-Pepa" is depicted. I regret the (rather trivial) error.

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