Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buy Life. Do It. Do It Now. Combat African And Indian Juvenile HIV/AIDS

This -- in view of Merck's anti-retroviral franchises -- seems a particularly worthy charitable effort to feature here, at my space [make a direct donation]:

. . . .There is a profound difference between living and life. Living may extend time for another day. But life is far more than sleeping and waking. Life is more than merely existing. And, although it would be easier, life cannot be bought in a pill.

That is why Keep A Child Alive buys more than just the pills needed to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. It buys the essential nutrition, shelter, support and education to help ensure those pills are taken properly and effectively. It buys the things we all take for granted, but that make all the difference. A bed. A roof. A ride. A book. A smile. KCA offers children, their families and entire communities a shoulder to lean on and a heart that beats for them. Because KCA believes we can do something far bigger and better than buy the ability to live. We can buy the dignity that is life. We can buy compassion. Buy love. Buy the cure. Buy life. Because the more you buy, the more you save. KEEP A CHILD ALIVE. . . .

The idea is that all these celebrities will be "offline", entirely -- no blogging/tweets/posts/rss feeds on 12.01.10 -- until $1 million has been raised for juvenile AIDS relief in Africa and India. This is a worthy derivative/extension of Alicia Keys' earlier charitable concept. Again, click here to donate, directly.

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