Monday, October 4, 2010

Will Derek Lowe Buy Oss, Or Newhouse -- From Merck's Broker?

File this under the header "you couldn't MAKE this stuff up!" This particular item relates to Newhouse, and Oss, although only Scotland is pictured, at right.

Corante's "In The Pipeline" -- by the erstwhile Derk Lowe, is running this humorous item on Merck's to-be divested EU faclitites -- do go read it all:

. . . .Well, a correspondent forwarded me an unsolicited email he just received from "Partner International", the company hired by Merck to help divest these sites. And apparently Partner's strategy includes. . . spamming people with a one-page brochure touting this "Time Sensitive Acquisition Opportunity" for these "world class research opportunities".

My correspondent, regrettably, finds himself a bit short this month and unable to purchase either of these research sites. . . .

By his silence, however -- Derek could be read to imply he has dropped some coin in, to bid. Cool. We'll definitely keep you posted.

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